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Heritage Premium

Heritage Premium Assignment Company leads in the premium finance industry by combining over 36 years of finance and insurance experience with a corporate mission of building and maintaining excellence in our relationships with our market and agency partners.

Heritage Premium was founded in October 2003 by Gary Fate to serve insurance agencies primarily in Texas as their chosen broker of premium finance, offering personal customer service built on the strength of the long-established financial institutions.

This alliance with some of the best premium finance companies in the industry has allowed Heritage Premium to focus on what we do best--developing service-oriented relationships with our agency partners.

Increasing YOUR Profitability

Our volume and the relationships we have built with select finance companies allow us to offer competitive rates and favorable terms to our agency partners. We take advantage of the latest premium finance technologies, utilizing these companies’ online quoting and other agency services to provide you with streamlined premium financing capabilities.

Your clients’ accounts are assigned to one of our experienced Team Members so that you will always have someone familiar with your agency providing you with full and personalized service. When it comes to premium financing for your clients, Heritage Premium takes care of everything.

The Heritage Premium Team is always ready to assist you in building your agency’s business and increasing your profitability through the best available premium finance services.

Allow Heritage Premium to assist you STARTING TODAY.

When you are ready for Heritage Premium to create a premium finance agreement for one of your clients, simply send the carrier quote, insured’s address and effective date to: quotes@hpactx.com To book an account send the signed and dated finance agreement to services@hpactx.com.

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